Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So theres this guy named Dave Hause.

So there is this amazing singer song writer named Dave Hause.  He plays in a punk rock band from Philly called the Loved Ones and has recently put out his own album called  "Resolutions" which has its own blend of folk punk, rock and some other elements.  Anyways, I saw Dave open for the Bouncing Souls with the World Inferno/Friendship Society and I was really impressed.  Most of his setlist were pretty well known Loved Ones tunes such as "Pretty Good Year", "Jane", and "Living (Will Get You Dead)" and a great cover which I had discovered afterwards by Hot Water Music, called "Trusty Chords."  What I like about him is that even though he was playing by himself on a stage, he played like he had a band backing him up.  The energy displayed with his acoustic guitar and working with the crowd who knew the words to all of his songs was awesome and got you pumped for a great show.  Dave also made some apperances during the two Bouncing Souls sets that night for, "True Beleivers", "Simple Man", and a few others.

To sum it up, go buy his album "Resolutions", plus "Keep Your Heart", "Build And Burn" and "Distractions EP" by the Loved Ones.  They will blow your mind.  Highlights off "Resolutions" include "C'mon Kid", "Pray For Tuscon", "Rankers and Rotters" and "Meet me at the Lanes".  If you are a fan of the Loved Ones, Bouncing Souls, the Gaslight Anthem, and even Bruce Springsteen, then this is an album worthwhile checking out!

Heres a few videos below about Dave Hause and his new project as well as covering "Trusty Chords" with the Bouncing Souls and Hot Water Music!


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