Friday, May 16, 2014

Interview with Mark Doherty and Anthony Snowdale of Dot Rats

Both Mark Doherty and Anthony Snowdale have been participating in the Boston punk and hardcore scene for a long time now.  From their project, Nowhere USA and more recently, Dot Rats, both Mark and Anthony have been writing and playing music in full force.  I recently had the opportunity to interview both them and focus on what they are doing in the present with their current project, Dot Rats and some of the themes in their music.  We all talk about their history in Boston, the music scene and much more.

Run Don’t Walk: Well, you guys have been playing in the punk and hardcore scene for a while now, between Nowhere USA and your newest project, Dot Rats. Going back to the beginning, how did you guys start playing music? How did you guys meet in the first place? Both of you together are certainly a package deal in the eyes of many and who follow your music!

Anthony Snowdale: Well back in the day I saw Mark doing Hell to Pay with the Pug Uglies. I also saw him stage bomb every other band in the Boston scene at the time and thought this dude needs his own band. So..... Nowhere was started.

RDW: Musically, and lyrically, what do you think the biggest difference between Nowhere USA and Dot Rats are? Anthony, I believe you once mentioned “Nowhere USA is the angel on my shoulder while Dot Rats is the devil on my shoulder…” could you elaborate on that?
Anthony: to be clear Nowhere is no angel per say. However we do have ONE positive song, "Today". So uplifting songs total: Nowhere 1 DOT RATS 0. I guess that could be it. Plus over all sound too. DOT RATS are way meaner sounding where Nowhere has a few major key songs.
RDW: How does the neighborhood you guys grew up in and came from play a part in the writing process? Dot Rats is the obvious one but what influenced you guys to start up a second band that was pertaining to your roots?
Mark Doherty: i've been through a lot of shit in this town, the whole band has. There's many tales to tell from this town and we are gonna tell 'em.
Taken by Laura Reardon

RDW: What are some bands that are coming out today that you like? Who would you like to play with that you haven’t? Who have you played with throughout your career that you enjoyed?
Mark Doherty: obviously penalty kill, held hostage, neighborhood shit, Hardtime, words of truth, honest John, taxidriver, barroom hero's....
Anthony Snowdale: yeah those are our favorite up and comers right now. Everyone on that list dose a shit ton for the local scene too that we have here in New England.
RDW: Who/what introduced you guys to punk rock and hardcore? What were some of those first bands? Was it a child hood interest or something that happened later on?
Mark: my friend Andrea Folan got me into it when I was 14. misfits, clash, sex pistols
Anthony: My ( WAY ) older brother have me a dead milkmen tape when I was like 8 years old and I made the tape rock till the tape popped. I STILL love big lizard in my backyard. Fact.

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