Monday, June 3, 2013

5 out of 5 Stars for "Dead End Streets" by the Ducky Boys

The City of Boston is a relentless city.  Through history, music, sports and April's Marathon Bombing tragedy, the strength, size, and fortitude of Boston never fails to show.  This also goes for Boston's street level rock and roll band, the Ducky Boys who have been playing their brand of the genre since 1995. In the last year, it's fair to say the band put more new music out than any other band in the city.  In January 2012, the band released "Chasing The Ghost" which was their follow up from the 2006 release "The War Back Home".  Eventually in May 2012, the band released the "Chemicals" EP only available online digitally.  Here we are now in 2013, and the Ducky Boy's are getting ready to release their sixth album, "Dead End Streets" which proves the band's dedication to what they do.

The Ducky Boy's sixth release of their musical career still proves that the band has what it takes and the creative influences to keep writing and playing but entirely on their own terms.  It was understood that the band needed a generous amount of help from their loyal supporters. The decision was to release a Kickstarter campaign to raise the right amount of funds to record the album with different options of payment.  From July to August 2012, the band raised over fifteen thousand dollars to reach their goal.  Now a year later, the final results were well worth the wait and the contribution in my opinion.

The opening two tracks "You Don't Wanna Know Me" and "Enough of my time" opens with a catchy riff and an energetic street punk spin to it . Both songs in their highly energetic taste spread the universal message that there are people not worth your time, and some relationships are deemed to frustrating to continue.  One of the many great traits of this band is their ability to connect with the everyday experiences that the average person has to face.  My personal favorite was written by guitarist Doug Sullivan.  His sociological perspective in the song "The Gravest Generation" is a spin off of the term "The Greatest Generation".  The message is there are many days that its hard to see the world in a less than bleak light but the beauty of this song could be called for a unity song.  Sullivan sings as the band backs him up, "There's nothing for us, A rising chorus" which uplifts the listener.

Personal ballads such as the title track, "Dead End Streets" performed by the front man himself, Mark Lind. This song itself comes off as a personal memoir about himself or in a way, the band as a whole.  The song gives off a more introspective overview or look into ones life before anything else.  On another note, the song "Up, Down, and Wrong" gives more of an outward focus and message that life may be uglier for another person somewhere in the world. The line "You think you've got it bad?  Then look overseas or across the street" which makes you rethink the minor bumps and bruises of everyday life. The final track on the album, "'Til The Wheels Fall Off" in my own perspective shows the tenacity, strength, and dedication that the Ducky Boys have delivered in their music over the years.  One person could easily identify with the chorus that music is a calling and a way of life.  As it goes, "'Cause we heard a calling and we answered it, And we held the course when they abandoned it, And we're running 'til we drop, And there's nothing that can change it..."  This is the perfect final track for this release because it summarizes the band's promise and dedication to the genre they play: street level rock and roll!

In my opinion, "Dead End Streets" deserves 5 out of 5 stars!  Why, you might ask?  The album is a perfect example of how a band creatively writes a new record without losing their signature sound.  It's a perfect reminder that quality over quantity is an important methodology and work ethic to go by while in a band  The Ducky Boys stick to what they know and only what they know and fully delivers on each album released.  In the year of 2013, "Dead End Streets" stands as album of the year thus far!  Not many bands can top a band like the Ducky Boys and release three portions of music within one year with all three releases being absolutely powerful.  Like stated, the dedication and honesty is in the music and it's worth giving a listen to! 

"Dead End Streets" record release show info:

Sunday, June 9, 2013
The Middle East Downstairs

Swingin' Utters
Ducky Boys "Dead End Streets" Record Release Show
Goddamn Gallows
Welch Boys

18+ $15
NOTE: 7:30pm Doors


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Record Label Info:
State Line Records 


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