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Dropkick Murphys St. Patricks Day Weekend 2012-Boston

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Took some Iphone shots of last weeks Dropkick Murphys festivities at the House of Blues and Brighton Music Hall.  I went Wednesday, March 14th and Thursday, March 15th at House of Blues. I also attended the Brighton Music Hall show, March 18th where DKM performed two sets.  The first set was the bands debut 1998 release, "Do or Die" performed front to back and a second set that consisted of older era DKM material from "Gang's All Here", "Sing Loud, Sing Proud", "Blackout" and a handful of covers.  Last week was a blast.   Heres what came through my smart phone camera!

My friend, Corey Hogg doing some promotion for DKM outside of the HOB on Lansdowne.  He is wearing the recent re-release of "Going Out In Style Live at Fenway Park."

Ramshackle Army opening for DKM 3/14. 

James Lynch

Jeff DaRosa, layin' down some banjo!

Scruffy Wallace and Ken Casey during "Fields of Athenry"

Al Barr

Matt Kelly. Took this while on stage for "Skinhead on the MBTA"

Night 1 setlist

New shoe made by Converse for the Claddagh Fund. Great charity and organization ran by Ken Casey.

Danny O'Connor and I, Thursday night (3/15), at the House of Blues.  Danny is currently a talented, up and coming boxer from Framingham, Mass.  He currently lives in Houstan, Texas where he trains.  Ken Casey currently is his manager.  Danny is one of the nicest, hardest working and humble people I have ever met.  Such a great guy who deserves all the respect and support from his family, friends, and fans alike!

Frank Turner, Night 2.  Such a great show he and his band the Sleeping Souls put on.  Get into his stuff!

Tim Brennan.  Once again, on stage for "Skinhead".  I had to fight my way this time through security this time.  Special thanks to Evan, DKMs tour manager who pulled me up on stage.  Another stand up guy I met.

Night 2 Setlist.  Highlights for me where hearing "Memories Remain" for the first time and their cover of "Working" by Cock Sparrer.  I really love hearing "Never Alone" as well. 

Ken Casey and I in the HOB Foundation Room. 

Claddagh Fund banner that got hung up by a volunteer who is raising money for "Tough Mudder".  This was in South Boston, Broadway and C Street.  This was where some of us decided upon to congregate well before noon to get our wristbands for the show that night at Brighton Music Hall.  The other location was the Converse retail store on Newbury Street in the Back Bay.  Word was they wound up turning away hundreds of people by the time they ran out.

Self-explanatory! Don't mess with 'em!

My friend Jay and I at the South Boston mural. Broadway and C Street.

Al Barr, Brighton Music Hall

Brighton Music Hall. 3/18

So the band asked the crowd what they wanted to hear during the second set, Sunday night.  After a few responses, Ken pulled my friend Sean Tuohey on stage to sing a rare tune called "On The Attack" with them.  A few months back, Ken gave Tuohey's band permission to cover the song, so it was only fitting! 

Ken Casey, Sean Tuohey and James Lynch. "On The Attack."

Setlist #1 for the Brighton Music Hall show.  This set was the bands 1998 first full length album, "Do or Die" played front to back.  It was a performance I will never forget. 

Second setlist from BMH show.  This set was mixed from tunes from "Gang's All here" to "Blackout" and so much more.  Such a great time.

The four setlists!

Wristband I picked up in Southie for the Sunday night show.

Al Barr, Brighton Music Hall.

Al Barr, Brighton Music Hall

Al Barr and James Lynch. 

Al Barr telling the story of how he joined the band in 1998 after Mike McColgan (now lead singer of the Street Dogs) left.  Really cool to hear this in person.

Ken Casey and Sean Tuohey during "On The Attack". 

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