Monday, September 9, 2013

A review of The Lagan's, "Wheres Your Messiah Now?" (For fans of The Mahones, Flogging Molly, Swaggerin' Growlers, and Dropkick Murphys)

Anybody who has been in the punk scene long enough has realized that Irish punk and folk have most definitely made an up rise all over the world.  Obviously, groups such as the Pogues, the Dubliners, and the Chieftans set the standard of Irish music and folk rock. It influenced bands such as local stalwarts, the Dropkick Murphy, the Los Angeles counterparts, Flogging Molly, and even our northern neighbors from Canada, The Mahones- it is obvious a foundation was laid down for all of them and now are influencing bands all over! 

A great band currently coming out of London, England called the Lagan recently came to my attention from a Boston friend.  Once I got hold of their music, I was blown away at how sharply they play their instruments but how they manage to create their own sound from the high energy they possess as musicians! Their release, "Wheres Your Messiah Now?" starts off with a melodic but passionate twist of punk, folk, and fury with the opening track, "Staring The Devil In The Eye".  From there, the band launches into "Sailing East" which is a catchy jingle heavy on the tin whistle, guitars, and mandolin! 

One of the more stand out tracks in my opinion would be "Star Of The Country Down".  What makes this track an original one is that it shows the band is not afraid to show their musical creativity and diversity.  The song starts with a guitar intro which reminds me of the Mighty Mighty Bosstone's, "You Can't Win" but then goes into an easily identifiable reggae tune without losing their signature sound.  To be honest, a band that is able to create that kind of fusion earns respect in my book.

Lastly, like any good Irish band, they pay respects to their roots.  In this case, the Lagan covered "I'll Tell Me Ma" which is an original folk tune and not to mention, "The Fields Of Athenry" by Pete St. John.  Their version of "I'll Tell Me Ma" is highly upbeat as it was meant to be. I always enjoyed other bands covering it but this bands cover is most definitely one of catchiest I have come across.  The other traditional has a very ballad feeling in the beginning.  The band slowed down the momentum completely but it shows how the singer's range of singing can diversify as well!  The song eventually speeds up but is kept in a less than mid tempo way so the energy is still there but it doesn't lose its authenticity in the way the band played it!

All in all, this album is something to have in anybody's collection.  If you are into bands such as the Mahones, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, and of course, the Pogues, pick this album up!  It's full of energy and its something enjoyable for anybody to listen to.  Any of these songs could fit in your St. Patrick's Day playlist that is dominated by the Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly, and I suggest doing so!

Band Information:
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