Monday, January 13, 2014

A review of "Delete, Delete" EP by the Black Cheers

 After taking a few days off, its time to get back to writing!  The Black Cheers are a newer band coming from the Boston area but have some veterans of the Boston punk rock scene.  The band features Daniel O'Holloran from the legendary Darkbuster and Scott from the Stray Bullets.  Anyways, compared to most Boston bands coming out these days, the Black Cheers have a much different sound and way of doing things which is never a bad thing.  The band displays have garage punk type sound mixed with a 70s punk rock influence and within that you can hear reminences of the Clash, the Stiff Little Fingers, the Ramones, and perhaps a little bit of 80s hardcore for good measure.  I must say, I appreciate the different sound and influences this band possesses.

Their first EP called "Delete, Delete", it is a blistering five song album meant to be played loudly.  The first track is the title track and is a fast and anthemic tune that clocks in roughly at 2:02.  Its certainly not a bad way to start the EP off and is a perfect way to get an idea of what the direction the band is going in with their sound.  Track two "Breakdown" is a raw and stripped down track yet with a slower and melodic feel with a Dead Boys/Ramones influence.  It has been awhile since Boston has seen something along the lines such as this.  In my eyes, if you take the New York Dolls, the Clash, the Stiff Little Fingers, and maybe a little bit of Black Flag, those influences made up the Black Cheers.   The next track, "Like Theirs" is taken up a notch in speed.  As much as the Black Cheers has the 70's influence, it is fair to say that the band has an 80's hardcore influence but on a smaller scale.  It is a rare find these days to have a band display a bold mix of influences as these guys do that sets them a part of the gang sing along type (not that there is anything wrong with that!) yet is easily accessible to the scene.  As the last two songs display, they are played loud and fast.  Most of their songs on this debut EP clock in just right over the one minute mark with the exception of one or two songs.  The last two tracks "Don't Make Me Wait" and "Beginning Of the End" come and go quickly staying true to hardcore punk form.  I look forward to see what the Black Cheers delivers overtime.  I really hope they develop their sound more and realize how much of an accessible band they would be on a great punk rock bill!  Overall, the Black Cheers are doing something right in the direction they are going in.  Hopefully this will spark a new sound for new bands to come and try something new along the way and off the beaten path!

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