Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Review of Dot Rats- Featuring members of Nowhere USA

Hey readers,

I hope everybody had an awesome holiday no matter what you celebrate!  2013 has been an amazing year for the Boston music scene and I hope 2014 is that much better as well.  For those who have been around Boston hardcore and punk long enough, Nowhere USA should not be a mystery to you.  These Boston greats reunited and came back for a few shows and there is a new project now called Dot Rats.  This past week, they released an brand new five song demo on band camp which was also handed out at the Street Dogs show.  A few months back I asked bassist Anthony Snowdale what the musical difference between Nowhere USA and Dot Rats was suppose to be, he insisted that "Nowhere USA is the angel on my shoulder and Dot Rats is the devil on my shoulder."  With that, I knew that the boys would be sticking to their guns none the less.  If you like Blood For Blood, old school Agnostic Front, Slapshot, and the whole nine yards, keep on reading!

Track number one titled "Run This Town" hits you square in the face like you just picked a fight with the wrong person  Starting with a heavy intro and frontman, Mark Doherty yelling "Dorchester!" you can tell this is what this song is about, hell, this is what this band is about!  They are Dot Rats!  The band is clearly not afraid to stick to their guns as they blister through the first track yet they are still dong something different than Nowhere USA.   Dot Rats have a harder edge! Track two, "Triple Decka" clocks in at a quick fifty six seconds which gives off an old school Agnostic Front vibe.  I look forward to what kind of response the audience gives the band compared to Nowhere USA.  Dot Rats are the type of band that could on this track, start a circle pit and on another track, make you feel like you are at a Death Before Dishonor show.  The diverse range and speed sets this band apart from the rest!

What I have always enjoyed about Mark Doherty's and Anthony Snowdale's music is that they are clearly a package deal and they suit each other behind microphone so well.  I can think of a few other musicians from the Boston music scene that are the same way: they feed off of each other, bring that energy that other bands do not, and its all because they have known each other so well.  Between the two, the ideas for bands, songs, and ideas are relentless and unstoppable.  Track number three, "Just Won't Die" makes me feel like I am listening to an early Blood For Blood track from "Spit My Last Breath" or "Revenge On Society" which is never a bad thing!  The guitar and bass reminds of Blood For Blood's classic, "Chaos" with the slow but intense musicianship displayed.  The last and final number for these Boston hooligan's is titled "We Hate Us" and is a perfect no fucks given proverbial middle finger to the rest of the world and human race.  This band is all about telling it how it is and you believe it, they are not afraid to do so.  Check out the future endeavors of Dot Rats and do yourself a favor, stay out of their way.   You will thank me for it later.

Band Information:
Dat Rats Official Facebook Page
Dot Rats Official Website
Dot Rats Bandcamp Page


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