Thursday, July 24, 2014

A review of "Never Give In" by Razors In The Night

Boston has been known for its punk rock scene for several years now.  From your irish punk, hardcore punk, and then your street punk and Oi! movement.  Razors In The Night have been in the game for a long time now and have released a brand spankin' new album called Never Give In thats a kick to the face from the very first track.   The album is thirteen new songs that aren't just songs, but anthems that are filled with catchy guitar riffs, thundering drums, and the man behind the microphone known as Troy on vocals.  Its amazing to see the improvements this band has made through the quality and musicianship displayed on the record.  

Never Give In is simply as diverse as it gets for an Oi! band.  With their blend of street punk, hardcore, and even some metal riffs like on the opening track, Doored, it keeps you listening.  Fist raising and boot stomping anthems such as By Your Side and Out Of Touch make for a fantastic sing along and fast and intense tracks such as Verbal Pollution is a call to change for those who plague our scene with negativity and ego and  Basement Brigade which tells a story of family and friendship from the days of Boston basement shows.  The vocal variations between Troy and Ian are what I really love most about this record as they tend to switch during Out Of Touch (Originally by Ian) and Ours Will Be Heard.  Ian and Zack's guitar work really stand out as well on these songs as well as My Boots Are Red during the intro.  Its simple yet effective guitar playing.  

Fast, honest and angry is no stranger to these guys in songs such as FTW (Fuck The World), Alcoholist, and the humorous yet poignant Hate LA which continues the "This Is Boston, Not L.A." theme.  Easily a catchy sing along.  Their songs tell a story such in These Streets where lead singer, Troy notes "We're sick of being crucified, by the likes of you and your closed mind..." and "On many drunken nights, we got some bad tattoos..." which makes you think of your own personal experiences in the scene.  The ladder end of the album features the fast and upbeat anthem, Frustration which was featured on the Better Tomorrow four way split and the title track, Never Give In! which ends the album on a very heavy but positive note.  Overall, this album takes the world by the balls and takes no prisoners.  Whether you're a skinhead, a punk rocker, a hardcore kid, or someone who likes good old fashioned heavy and honest music, I highly suggest you pick this record up.  Support your local scene and one of the most top notch bands on the market today.  

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