Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A review of "Ghost Town Rockers" by Stray Bullets

The Stray Bullets, man I can't say enough about their new album, "Ghost Town Rockers" out on Dying Scene Records.  The album is chock full of catchy, and socially conscious ska and punk rock songs packed with a heavy punch that makes you think and want to move your feet!  It's been sometime since they released "...The Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Misfortune" which was simply a fantastic album but "Ghost Town Rockers" just may top it.

Track one, "Knife For The Pusher Man" opens the album with a kick.  Before I continue, have you ever wanted to kill a drug dealer?  Perhaps one who was selling in front of a rehabilitation facility?  Thats what this song is about.  Jon Cauztik (singer/songwriter/guitarist) has no problem stating his thoughts on what he found as an epidemic many years ago.  Of course, he didn't initially kill him but wrote a song about his frustration and aggression toward someone who participates in such behavior.  You can also find the video for the song, here.  Track one kicks right into "New Prisons", a socially conscious song about society's lacking of valuing education over the criminal justice system.  A line that is pointed out, "They built a new prison when clearly they needed a school..." really sums it up well.

Other tracks such as "Peace Signs" give a more ska and reggae feel which the Stray Bullets are known for as well as a punk rock twist. Alongside that, the musically upbeat "Keeps Me Down" really keeps the energy flowing on the album, too.  The song really has an optimistic feel to it in a sense regardless of the title.  As we all know, the police department has been in the news lately with several different incidents and "Sirens" touches on that issue, as well.  Not only that but the lead guitar work done really adds a lot of layers to the songs and keeps the listener very interested. Another anthem that has been well circulated since the album came out is "Public Enemy #1" as well as "Chicago Gallows".

Towards the end of the record, it wraps up with "Pro Patria Mori" (translation: "It is sweet and fitting to die for your country.") You also have "Walls Come Crumbling" which is a personal favorite and "Campesino Blood" which has a historical twist to it.  Lastly, "Ghost Town Rockers" is simply an anthem which fits fine at the end of the record and the acoustic and melodic "Rocket Ship" ends off the album nicely.  


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