Friday, October 5, 2012

TheGopIsFullOfShit: Help the Street Dogs and their upcoming release!

Just recently, our friends the Street Dogs recently collaberated with Pirate Press Records (San Francisco, CA.) and released a new video for "GOP".  "GOP" is a reworked Oi! song, titled "GLC" by the band Menace.  The song not just rails on the Republican party itself but the two party system in general. Most importantly, how tough it is for regular American people to get by.  So the Street Dogs want your help! 


The following and picture, is taken from and here is the info:

"We have recorded a very poignant song, and our friends at PIRATES PRESS RECORDS are helping us make 20,000 FLEXI-POSTCARDS to help get it out to the masses! ...Well maybe not the masses, but a select crop of people we feel need to hear this song. We'll also be releasing a normal single, to have in stores and at our gigs, but this is our way of dropping this song HARD, and in the faces of those who stand against progress!

Below is a list of cities and dates we're starting with. We will continue to add more over the next few weeks. We need one (or a pair) of volunteers who can guarantee their availability on that particular date in that particular city! YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE ON THAT DATE!! We need responsible adults (18+), ideally with means of transportation. The whole thing wont take but a few hours, but the impact it can have will be fun, and meaningful!

If you volunteer, you will receive specific instructions in a care package one week prior to the date you've chosen. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE ON THAT DATE!! Once your mission is completed, just email us photos of you completing the necessary deed, and we'll hook you up with a free copy of the upcoming 7" and limited-edition (1/100) silkscreened poster (below).
To volunteer, check out the list below and email the date you want, and your mailing address and phone number, to We'll email you back confirming your address, and when to look out for the package. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE ON THE DATE YOU CHOOSE, 100%!!
As always, thank you for your loyalty and support. Not without a purpose.
Love, Street Dogs, and our extended family.
Alabama, Wetumpka Thursday, October 18 - 6:30

Arkansas, Bella Vista Friday, October 19th

California, LA Sunday, October 7th - 2pm

Connecticut, Danbury Sunday, October 7th - 2pm

Florida, Boca Raton Monday, October 22nd - 9pm

Florida, Tampa Friday, October 19th - 2pm

Indiana, Carmel Monday, October 29th - 5.30pm

Kentucky, Danville Thursday, October 11th - 9pm

Maryland, Timonium Friday, October 19th - 7pm

New York, Hempstead Tuesday, October 16th - 9pm

North Dakota, Bismarck Tuesday, October 16th - 12pm
South Carolina, Greer Thursday, October 11th - 6pm

Texas, Allen Monday, October 15th - 7pm

Virginia, Fairfax Saturday, October 20th - 8.30am

Wisconsin, Waukesha Friday, October 19th - 4.30pm "

 All of this was taken from

Here are some helpful links to check out:
Street Dogs Official Website
Street Dogs Facebook Page
Pirate Press Records Offical Website


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