Thursday, June 27, 2013

Boston's the Welch Boys "Bring Back The Fight" with their new record!

The Boston street punk scene has been very good to its listeners thus far in 2013.  The Ducky Boys earlier this month put out a class A record entitled "Dead End Streets"  and now Boston's street punk giants, the Welch Boys put out their first full length to follow up after for years, from "Drinkin' Angry" (2009) which was an incredible album.  The great thing about the Welch Boys is that they are a band who strives to evolve and improve themselves without losing their signature Oi!, and Boston street rock sound.  "Bring Back The Fight" packs a tremendous punch and is the perfect opening track after a clever intro that makes makes you feel you're are about to witness a boxing match amongst a group of skinheads.  This title track is a raucous anthem that begs the Boston music scene to literally bring the fight back and the honesty in the music and culture.  Vocalist Ed Lalli lays down the perfect vocals as he demands the scene to "Bring Back Your Reputation.  Bring Back Your Dignity.  We Need To Find Redemption.  We Need A Victory." Its a perfect call to arms for any scene, anywhere to take hold of the integrity and honesty underground music once held on a regular basis.  

Another stand out track, "Hand Grenade" was written for and about the MMA fighter (featured on UFC), Marcus "The Irish Hand Grenade" Davis from Maine.  He is a local fighter and in fact uses the song for his intro to fight.  On this record, you will find two well done covers of ACAB's , "Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?" and "Someones Gonna Die Tonight" by the Oi! legends, Blitz.  Two perfect Oi! songs for a perfect Oi! band if I do say so myself.  Not many bands can pull off covers as well as these Boston fellas did.  I honestly feel that the band covering an ACAB jingle brought more awareness from the now defunct band from Malaysia.  Like any good old street punk band would, a record wouldn't be a record without a couple of drinking anthems such as "Whiskey and Beer" and "I Feel Like Drinking".  These two will most definitely bring the crowd together to put up a few cans of PBR in the air and sing along.

Overall, I must say the Welch Boys never fail to put out quality Street Punk and Oi! music.  They miraculously keep evolving into better song writers, and musicians while catering to the Boston crowd and beyond.  Even though "Bring Back The Fight" has been really over due, it was definitely worth the wait and the anticipation for it to be finished.  When a band processes a clear work ethic of "quality over quantity", you know they are doing the right thing and the listener will be happy with the final product. I know I was!   If you are looking for a fantastic album that will pack a punch, make you want to put your boots, braces and your nicest Fred Perry on, plus have a drink with your closest friends, then this is the album for you.  It's a record for unity, brotherhood, and to literally "Bring Back The Fight" in music.  If you are looking for bubble gum, lack of substance and honesty, I suggest you turn the other way.  The Welch Boys are real the fuckin' deal and there is no getting away from that at all. A job well done, lads! Cheers!

 You can buy "Bring Back The Fight" on Sailors Grave Records, out now!


Band and Record Label Information:
Welch Boy's Offical Webpage
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