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Interview with Jake Carrick from the Hex Bombs!

Back in June, some of you may remember a review I did of the Hex Bomb's latest 7 inch release, "None Shall Be Forgotten".  Tonight, I had the opportunity to share a few words with the band's lead guitar player and one of their vocalists, Jake Carrick.   In this interview you will find some background information on the band who happen to be on the rise as one of the best punk rock and roll acts the United States has to offer. The band also is from Michigan which is currently the epicenter in which some of the country's frustrating state of affairs is currently looming.  These situations though often shines through the band's history and voice as well as their story.  Enough of me, lets let Jake do the talking!

Run Don't Walk- 1.Whats your name and what is your position in the Hex Bombs?  Can you give us a brief history of the band?  What is your relation to East Grand Record Company?  

Jake Carrick-  This is Jake Carrick riff dealin madman guitar player for the Hex Bombs!! The Hex Bombs started with Michael Mann, Steve Borr, Tim Kozloski and Nate Garmin. It was originally just a group of guys that had some ideas for doing a high energy band with a focus on an intense live show. Mike with a natural pension for working a crowd, Nathan with his great pop sensibilities, Steve with his machine gun snare work, and Tim rounding out the crew with his animalistic guitar riffery. I didn't come along until shortly after that but the foundation was already built on the high energy live show and powerful anthemic songwriting. Since that time we have continued to grow and craft a sound that has become remenisant of a classic time while keeping true to our infuences. We knew Mark and Mike at East Grand well before we became part of the family. We had partied with those guys at a lot of shows and one day they approched us and asked if we wanted to be involved in what they where doing. At that time it was just Continentel (Rick Barton) and us. It's really an all for one one for all feeling with the East Grand crew. They take care of us and we take care of them. It's all very touchy feely and shit but it works really good and leaves us a lot of freedom to do the things we want to do while still being an asset to the label.

RDW- 2.What are some of the major topics in your song writing?  It’s clear many of your songs resonate with bands such as the Street Dogs, Dropkick Murphys and many other similar bands. You definitely talk about the average middle class American.  Elaborate on that! 

JC- We generally right about the lives we have lived, lessons we have learned, and shit we have all been through. Although we all come from different places we have chewed a lot of the same dirt with shitty jobs, shitty pay, and shittier prospects for our futures. The one thing we have always had is our music. I think most of what we have written about and accomplised stems from the lives that we have all led. We also write a lot about what we see happening in our world around us which, is in a poor state of affairs at best. I thank you giving us the complement of being middle class but unforunately in Michigan, there really is no middle class anymore. The auto industry is dead, unions are non-exsistant, and there really isnt very many prospects for people out there trying to make ends meet. Enough of this cheery shit though, we just write and play about what we know and love and it's been one hell of a ride so far. As far as being compared to the Street Dogs and the Murphs, thank for the compliment. We definately love those bands a ton but in honesty I have know idea how we wound up sounding like these bands. Our influences are so all over the place and somehow out of them we became what is now the Hex Bombs.

RDW- 3. On your recent 7 inch release, the band recorded two songs.  One was with the Street Dogs lead singer, Mike McColgan in which he performed the title track, “None Shall Be Forgotten” as well as you recorded, “Destination USA”.  What was your experience like working with Mike?  How did the opportunity to arise to work with someone who has some major influence on the punk scene all over?  

JC-  Well I have to credit East Grand with getting us set up with Mike. We had been wanting to re-record None Shall for a while (it was previously recorded on our first full length We Are Rock N Roll) and when we finally decided that we where indeed going to record it, Mark had told us that he had talked to McColgan and let him hear the song. Evidentely he dug the song because after that Mark asked if we wnated to have McColgan sing on the record. Which of course we said fuck'n right we do!!!!! That was that. Mike has been really great about everything. We are looking forward to maybe working together again in the future.

RDW- 4. Recently, you guys put a press release out to end some obnoxious accusations that you guys supported some sort of right wing politics and were accused of being a “nationalist band”.  Obviously these comments are not true and jumped at the opportunity to put the word out there that the band does not support such causes.  How frustrating was it when the bands found out the lyrics were interpreted that way?  Sadly these accusations come up too often in the punk scene.  

JC-  It's just part of the deal man. Theres always going to be somebody that doesn't understand, doesn't like, or misunderstands your message. There are also a lot of language and cultural obsticals you have to take into consideration as well. It does get frustrating but if we lashed out and started a good old fashion donnybrook with everybody that didn't agree with us there would be no time for making records ha ha!!!

 Yeah, we are so far from that you cant even see the light from there!!!! We love and support our troops cause theyre just out there doing a sucky job that they have to do, doesnt mean we support the war, and as far as racism!!! That is just a fucking joke!! I think we are some of the most tolerant people on the planet!!!!

RDW- 5. Who are some of your biggest influences as song writers and musicians as individuals and as a band?  How do you incorporate those influences in the music while creating something of your own?  

JC-  We have many influences between us all. The list is long and distinguished just like my johnson but really we all have our own things we brign to the table. Mike is big into old old school punk and rockabilly, Nate rolls with a lot of shoegaze and old goth, Vinny and Darryl keep things current with a lot of great new punk and indy bands, while I, well I thought I was going to be Jakey Van Halen until I realized I wasn't that good, then I discovered punk and the rest is history ha ha. THere really is too many to list but somehow we manage to jam it all together in a great big crock pot, cook it on high for 8 hours, and out poops Hex Bombs rock n roll!!

RDW- 6. Who in the band does the most song writing?  What do most of your songs talk about from a personal perspective?

JC- Nathan is our primary song writer althogh we all contribute. He has a rare talent for busting out song after song after song and there all good!!!!! We definately write a lot about the struggle of the blue collar lower class underdogs. It's the world we live in and it for sure breeds a lot of ideas!!

RDW- 7. As a musician and gear nerd such as myself, what guitars, amps and set ups do you all use?  

JC-  Nathan runs Les Pauls and Marshall 100 watt heads with 4x12 Cabs. I recently switched from my JCM 900 with a 4x12 cab to a Vox AC30 with a Tube Screamer. I'm a Les Paul nut from way back!!!! . We run real basic rigs. British mids and make em loud baby!!!!!

RDW- 8. Who are some bands that are worth looking out for in the future that you guys currently listen to right now?  

JC-  Some of the bands I have been loving recently. Voice Of Addiction out of Chicago has been in my car for a year or so straight!!! The Tosspints, Murder Party, Flatfoot 56, there really is so many great bands out there right now. Ya just gotta get out there and find them!!!

RDW- 9. Lastly, what are some of the bands future goals and endeavors?  Is there a future United States tour in the works?  What about a new full length? 

JC-  As for the future of the Bombs, getting back in the studio for a new record shortly, Europe early next year, a US tour shortly after that (should be in back in Boston!!!!!!!), and by that time should be ready for some more recording. The main goal is just to tour tour tour and record record record... It's a crazy hustle out there to keep things moving forward and we just keep getting better at it!!!! 

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