Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dropkick Murphys Live at House of Blues Boston: Sunday Night, March 16th

When Sunday night came, we knew it was almost over as it was the last night at the House of Blues before an intimate show next door.  We headed down to Lansdowne Street to get in line and get our places on the floor.  After Skinny Lister and Lucero once again, the jam packed crowd and music hall were ready for one of the final nights of the weekend!  Of all the House of Blues shows that weekend,  Sunday night was probably my favorite next to Friday night.  As 9:00 PM rolled around once again, the  haunting intro of The Foggy Dew took over the sound system yet again.

When the intro faded, there was a brief pause only to be taken over by the Bunker Hill Pipe Band as they came out on stage.  After one or two quick tunes, the Dropkick Murphy's soon followed as they stormed the stage and kicked into one of my favorite set openers, For Boston.  I personally thought the way they came on stage by running out to get the crowd motivated was a perfect fit.  Soon followed was the fan favorite, Boys Are Back, which lead right into The Warrior's Code, Prisoner's Song, and Rose Tattoo.  It's always a pleasure to hear Sunshine Highway live at a show from their 2005 release, The Warrior's Code.  Throughout the weekend as well, Good Rats made a come back from their third release and hearing Blood and Whiskey from their Gangs All Here record was great too.  That number is always one that gets me pumped up whether I am listening to the recording of it or hearing it live.  I also can't forget hearing Deeds Not Words from their 2011 release, Going Out In Style. 

Around ten songs in, Ken Casey announced they had a special last minute guest.  After informing the crowd that this was his fiftieth Dropkick Murphy's show, he brought out our good friend, Dave Gelatis.   Dave has been a long time supporter and loyal fan of the Dropkick Murphy's and as a result, Ken gave him a pick at any song he wanted.  For this occasion, he chose one of my personal favorites, Going Strong.  Ken kiddingly noted that every time he screwed a part up, he would have to donate one hundred dollars to the Claddagh Fund which is the band's charity.  I think Dave made it seem like no big deal as he belted out his favorite Murphys song.  Once again, another friend of ours came out on stage and sang Eurotrash which was followed by Get Up.  One track off of Going Out In Style I have heard maybe only once (if that!) at a live show was The Hardest Mile which is one of the catchiest from that album. 
Once again, Forever, The Irish Rover, and the more recent, My Hero were in the cards.  The fan favorite State Of Massachusetts made the cut which was followed by Famous For Nothing.  The baseball fans in attendance that Sunday night were pleased to hear Tessie once again which I believe was only played twice that weekend.  The fist raising and circle pit instigating old timer favorite, The Gauntlet was also thrown in the mix. Thats one song I haven't heard too often either which should be  included in the set more often.  To hear Scruffy's opening notes to Amazing Grace on the bagpipes sent chills down my spine which the band soon joined in on.  The last two songs to close out the main set were Shipping Up To Boston in which they brought out their original singer, Mike McColgan (now of the Street Dogs) to join Al Barr on vocals. To close out,  Going Out In Style was the final number in the main set.  

After a few minutes and a slew of "Lets Go Murphys!" chants, the band opened the encore with Worker's Song from their 2003 release, Blackout.  The opening riff to Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced came right after with a slew of females from the crowd which lead right into Takin' Care Of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive.  When Ken called for Skinhead On The MBTA, getting on stage was a shit show none the less and some of us were cut off by security.  I must say, Sunday night's crowd was a little more ferocious than some of the other nights.  To end the five show stint at House of Blues, the fellas closed out with Boy's On The Docks which was an excellent ending.  


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