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"Everything Earned" by the Hex Bombs due out April 15th on East Grand Record Co.

I am back with another review for one of my favorite bands that I have been backing, the Hex Bombs from Michigan.  These fellas are back with a brand new full length entitled "Everything Earned" due out April 15th on East Grand Record Co.  This brand new release encompasses so much more than your standard three chord punk rock.  The subject matter ranges from the struggle of the working man, the band's own life story, and so much more that you will have to discover on your own. The musicianship is unparalleled as its simply diverse and it clearly combines the bands influences ranging from Oi! to your stripped down americana acoustic piece.  "Everything Earned" by the Hex Bombs is a no bullshit account on daily life and takes no prisoners what so ever!  Keep reading on if you feel so inclined!

L-R: Jake Carrick, Michael Mann, Greg Stevenson, Nathan Glenn Garman, and Darryl Arning 

Photo by East Grand Record Co.
The opening track is the title track of the record and it speaks for it self.  It is a simple ode to the working man which is the life they live.  The catchy sing along chorus is simple to latch on to in so many ways and its the type of song you want to hear after a long day at work.  The second track should be familiar to the followers of the band and its called "None Shall Be Forgotten" and features Mike McColgan of the Street Dogs.  The track was released on a seven inch release this pass summer and is an ode to those who serve our nation.  The track is followed by "Death Squad", a number that threw me off but I truly appreciated.  It shows off the musical diversity the Hex Bombs display that cannot be described with words.  It was an interesting approach for a punk rock band and yet, came off really well.  Its one of those songs one will have to listen to for themselves!

For all the Oi! fans, there is always a little something for you and thats the bands version of "New Age" by Blitz which they put  their own spin on.  Not many bands can take a classic Oi! song and do it as well as these guys did.  The Hex Bombs have found the balance of covering a classic and putting their own spin on it without over doing it.  At the same time, the band also keeps the sound that Blitz used on their original release.  One of my personal favorite tracks is "Killing Time" which is an upbeat street punk anthem accompanied by some top notch guitar licks. It forces you to take a look at society at large.  One somewhat satirical yet serious number called "Our Scene Is Not Your Scene" is a giant proverbial middle finger to those who come in and act as if those who put their time and work in owe them something.  Most of us know, anybody worth their salt has put their time and effort in to make a positive effect on the punk scene as a whole.
"Everything Earned" out on East Grand Record Co. on April 15th

If any of our reader's is looking for an irish type tune, "Closing" is for you.  It is easily comparable to "The Torch"  or the more recent "End Of The Night" by Dropkick Murphys yet with the electric guitars but the sentiment is simply still there.  In true form, a somber song is followed by an upbeat anthem called "Worker's Song".   Before you get critical and say, "…But there is already twenty songs called that", think again.  This song looks within as it comes across as an introspective view from a working man's stand point.  Another tune called "Defiance" is a meaningful jingle about just that and being true to oneself.  Lastly, the album ends with an acoustic/americana song called "We All Fall Down" played and sung by guitarist Jake Carrick.  Again, its an introspective track that allows the song writer to display his own life with hopes of the listener being able to relate in return.  Its top notch song writing in its finest form.

Overall,  "Everything Earned" by the Hex Bombs is an honest look on life and everything in it.  As stated earlier, its a no bullshit account on what these five guys have been through in their time spent here thus far.   The events of work, life, loss, and their perspective of everything in between is displayed on this album for all of us to see.  In a world that is dominated by popular culture, reality television, it is hard to come by real, humble, and honest music for the every day man or women to listen to.  If you enjoy true punk rock and roll that takes no prisoners yet offers a heartfelt approach on playing music, I suggest you buy this release on East Grand Record Co. on April 15th or order the pre-order in which comes out today in the label itself!  The pre-order comes with a full download of the album via email when you purchase it!

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