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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! A review of "Speak Easy" by Cradle To The Grave

Hot off the presses, one Boston's own and finest punk rock and roll bands, Cradle To The Grave just dropped their first full length record, "Speak Easy" and I have a lot to say about it!  For anybody who has been paying attention to the rise of punk rock bands in Boston, most of you should have noticed Cradle To The Grave by now.  Featuring Drew Indingaro (Formally Lost City Angels), Paul Christian (Formally Far From Finished), as well as Julie Two Times who all use to be in New Alibis together. You also cannot forget Dave Norton and one bad ass fiddle player, Joe Wyatt. This crew of six make up the talent of Cradle To The Grave!  When the band first started, they initially released an EP of six songs where two of which are featured on this new release.  The beautiful thing about this band is that all the band members compliment each other not only as people but with their musical playing ability.  Its rare to see a band these days that can easily play well together on the stage and as people off the stage! 

The first track off of "Speak Easy" is titled "Draw The Line" and it is an intensified and climatic song to start the record which is perfect for this band.  The song starts off with a piercing lead guitar riff and the opening lines: "Looking on the inside, trying to find what I need.  Loneliness, just makes me want to scream!" And from then on, the band delivers a punch to the gut in full force.  Dave Norton lays it down hard on the drums while Drew, Paul, Julie, and Dave give it their all on vocals.  Track one races into track two with "Running" which is another intensified anthem.  This song's chorus makes it a catchy one with, "We've had enough of the garbage from your mouth.  The time has come, its time to run, lets see what you're about!" which makes the listener wonder what type of person the writer maybe hinting about.  Sometimes its just best to leave it up to the listener to decide!

As noted earlier, two of the tracks on this full length were originally released on the bands EP roughly two years ago or so. One track is titled, "Before The Dawn" and the other is "Despite Everything".  One thing that I can respect Drew Indingaro and company for is that (like any good song writer), they write songs that are easily identifiable to the listener.  The jingle, "Before The Dawn" is a number that can make you be grateful for the good times but also can get you through the hard times.  Everybody falls down in life, and often wonder if they will make it through the tunnel they may feel stuck in.  This song is extremely universal that sends the reassuring reminder, that "Its always darkest before the dawn".  Before anything gets better, you have to walk that extra mile in hard times to see the light.  As a band, they've made it known that they all have gone through their own personal struggles in life and aren't afraid to admit it through music and each other.

With the song, "Despite Everything", it tells a story of a relationship that may have gone wrong for anybody. Everybody in life has dealt with the situation of sour relationships, and failed friendship.   Someone would be lying to you if they haven't dealt with such a thing.  Lead singer Drew Indingaro belts out with help from his band mates, "Despite everything, we lost it all!  Despite everything, I'm glad you're gone!" which are words that can resonate with so many who experienced the lack of loyalty, turmoil, or the common disappointment in relationships of any sort.  Paul Christian's lead guitar playing abilities also compliment this song extremely well. 

Lastly, my personal favorite is the last track which is entitled as "Edge Of The World".  Like any good band, this song talks about the town they originate from which is the City of Boston.  They put an emphasis on the changes they see in the city and their lives as well.  If you have been around the Boston scene long enough, anybody can see the constant changes.  The line, "We breath it in, we breath it out. These streets aren't paved with gold, but broken cobble stones!" shouts out the trials and tribulations Boston has been through in time.  What this means, Boston isn't always a pretty place because it has that rough but honest feel to it and the bands from here aren't afraid to show its roots by any means necessary.  The chorus "We're reaching out, we're hanging on to the edge of the world!"shows how through thick and thin, not only the band but their friends have been hanging on for the ride and don't play to slow down anytime soon.  That my friends, is the representation of a tried and true punk rock band. 

Support this band and local music.  Cradle To The Grave are a band spirited of good times, honesty, with a dose of hard work and musicianship.  The dedication some of these members have proved through this band and former projects are more than just words but are actions.  In a world that is constantly focused around by the cheap plastic celebrities that are dubbed as heroes, its bands like this who are not afraid to show what is real and what is not. Cradle To The Grave shows that origination and honesty go a long way.  With that being said,this band is the real deal.  Get into now.  

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