Sunday, October 27, 2013

FM359's "Some Folks"/"A Little Sign" EP (Featuring members of the Street Dogs/Continental). OUT NOW on Pirates Press Records!

As all of you should know by now, members of the Street Dogs have formed a brand new side project called FM359.  You should also know that these guys are not busting out the punk rock songs they are known for but doing something a little bit different.  FM359 is an Americana/Folk project that Mike McColgan, Johnny Rioux, Rick Barton, and Pete Sosa have started.  Before the full length record drops this coming winter, they have already put out a two song EP titled "Some Folks"/"A Little Sign".  I highly suggest you pick it up on their label, Pirates Press Records.  

The first of two tracks on side A is the title track "Some Folks".  The song is an upbeat, good feeling, and optimistic ballad which I think is coming from the introspective writer and is released outwards to the listener.  The verse gives an extremely valid but opinionated  outlook on the human condition as a whole in today's world.  The song gives a sociological yet very simple out look with lines such as the opening line, "Some folks think they got nothing, but if they would take a closer look, they got it going on!" or "Some folks will always judge you, and the only way you will ever win, is when you win the good fight!"  This storms into an upbeat but insightful reminder of a chorus that reassures us that, "No man is a better man than you..."  I personally feel the message to all of us behind this jingle is to live simply, and as humble as possible.

You can watch the video for "Some Folks" here

Now if you flip over to side B you have another song and another message called, "A Little Sign" which gives you a slightly different vibe than "Some Folks".  This tune starts out slow and picks up towards the middle.  In my opinion, there is a sentimental feel from the start but still has an upbeat back bone particularly in the chorus- "Won't you give me, come on now give me a little sign!"  This song quite honestly reminds me of a few different tunes Rick Barton (guitar) wrote for his other project, Continental.  I personally feel the bridge just may be the catchiest part of the song.  Overall, I personally feel "A Little Sign" points out that every human has to come face to face with their own problems but at the same time, always look for that "sign of hope" hence "A Little Sign". 

You can watch the video for "A Little Sign" here

Overall, I think personally this EP is overall an excellent start to an excellent side project.  For anybody who listens to the Street Dogs, don't expect this to be electric at all but to be more so along the lines of the songs "Two Bottles of Sorrow", "Final Transmission", and "Poor Poor Jimmy" which were initially written by the Street Dogs.   Not to mention, all in the same vein of Billy Bragg, and Bob Dylan who played for the working class.  Head on over to Pirates Press Records and pick this gem up! 

Band Info:
FM359 Facebook
Pirates Press Records Official Website


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