Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"As Bold As Brass" by Booze and Glory

Over the last couple of years, a really talented and fist pumping Oi! band from England called Booze and Glory have been hitting the streets and making a name for themselves.  Now don't be fooled by the name, this isn't another Oi! band that only talks about drinking and "smashing hippies"  in their lyrics.    This album is a blistering thirteen song full length that gives a toast to family and friendships, an ode to the working man if you will, and it all includes a youthful and energetic momentum in their songs.  The lyrics are easy to grab on to, the guitar riffs are catchy and the gang sing alongs will have you singing along in no time!  "As Bold As Brass" by Booze and Glory is the hopeful future of Oi! music and street level rock and roll!

The hard hitting crew of skinheads known as Booze and Glory kick off into the opening track, "Off We Go!" which is as catchy as they come with album openers. The hard hitting snare drum and ear grabbing guitar riff  draws the listener in as the band tells the story of leaving their homes behind to go on tour.  As somebody who has a fancy for street punk and Oi! music, this is an amazing album opener.  If you wanted youthful, then that's what you get with this next song, "Leave The Kids Alone" which could be an instant fist raiser and unifying song at a Booze and Glory show.  This song is one of the catchiest songs on the album with the variation in vocals and musicianship reminiscent of  the Oi! classic, "If The Kids Are United" by Sham 69 .

Some tracks take on a more serious tone but then lift you up in spots such as "Down and Out", with "When you're down and out, the ones that stick by you, are the real ones that count" as a simple reminder that you are not alone.  Tunes such as "One Of Them" have an extreme take on the gang sing along style which is perfect for a band like this as it drives home their sound.  Though the track titled "Julie" reminds me of many other Oi! songs about girls or relationships, the band still serves themselves right with the storytelling style of song writing.  Another jingle, "Only Fools Get Caught" reminds us about the importance of staying true to oneself.  The chorus, "Some people never change, some fade away, Some people break the rules, but only fools get caught!" You can also view a video for this song, here.

One of the most energetic and easily angrier fist pumping tracks, "Sick Of You" makes for a perfect tune to dance to, and grab onto your buddies with.  The highlight for this track is simply the chorus, "We're the wasted generation, we're always number two.  We've had enough of fucking ignorance, and we're sickā€¦sick of you!" The song could be pointed in so many directions with the misunderstanding of the skinhead culture, the politics that add to the disenfranchised working man, and much more.  Next, "Farewell Goodbye" is another upbeat sing along, followed by "I Hope You Still Remember".  This track pays homage to those who built the scene, and the friendships created in the band's youth.  Its a simple reminder not to forget your roots.  The last track, "We'll Stick Together" is a perfect, uplifting song to end the record and even a set.  Its unifying, and it leaves this listener asking for more.

Overall, "As Bold As Brass" gives many of us hope for the Oi! scene that is coming out today.  Many people love to be critical and question many bands but these guys are the real deal in my eyes.  I personally feel that this album is a step up from some of their earlier work.  The musicianship, vocal switch ups, and song writing has certainly improved, and I really look forward to hearing even more from these lads!

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