Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Live Free or Die With Your Boots On" by Iron Chin

So in the last couple of years or so, New Hampshire has come out with some pretty significant Oi! and street punk bands.  Bands such as the Damn Garrison and Yellow Stitches quickly come to mind but more recently, Iron Chin has been taking hold of the New Hampshire scene and has stood out quite well.  As the name may sound familiar (taken from the song itself given to the Bruisers by Agnostic Front), Iron Chin comes with a hard hitting rock and roll sound for the masses.  Without going too far off the beaten path, the band really created its own sound while still giving the skinhead and Oi! scene something solid and stable to listen to.

"Daily Aftermath" opens the seven track record which is an upbeat and relatively hard hitting tune. This is followed by "Survivor".  What does really stand out is the vocal switches between Doug (Bass/vocals) and Joel (rhythm guitar) plus paired with Joel Paul's lead guitar solos.  In the back of my head, thats what makes this band stand out is the musicianship and how they are not afraid to go and give their own sound to their songs.  There is also an essence of story telling in "Hard Luck Chuck" which sounds like a tale of booze filled aggression and hooliganism while being chased by the New Hampshire police perhaps.

Song's such as "Bomber" and "Before The First Punch" provide an aggressive and and fast paced sing along that stand out for tracks that are in the middle of the album.  These are followed by the anthem "Live Free or Die" which is fitting for not only a band from New Hampshire but for their album, as well.  The Granite State streams through their blood which is clearly shown through this track.  I have found it to be the most catchy and easy to sing along to.  Their last track, "Slideways" ends the record in a hard hitting manner, with heavy guitar riffs and thundering drums.  This may be a shot in the dark but the guitar riffs are heavier than usual which throws the listener off in a sense.  I would say this track stands out more than others due to the heavier nature with the guitar work and more.  Other than that, the band shows consistency through out the album.

If you're looking for a hard hitting punk rock and roll album, this album could be for you.  I also highly recommend their live show as they show as much energy as their album gives off, as well.  If you're into the Bruisers, the Anti Heros, or any street rock and roll with a kick in the ass, check these guys out and listen to them with an open mind.  They aren't your everyday street punk band, they are something much more than that.

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