Thursday, June 13, 2013

From Kalamazoo, Michigan: The Hex Bombs!

2013 thus far has been a big year for great music and street punk music in particular.  For the record, I am not talking about the typical spiked hair band spewing the message of "Smash The System" and the other suburban anarchist slogans that some claim to participate in.  I am talking about street punk with substance. Two new releases from Boston's own punk rock veterans, Ducky Boys (Dead End Streets) and the Welch Boys (Bring Back The Fight) have set the standard in the last week for brand new material.  Today though, the Hex Bombs from Kalamazoo, Michigan were brought to my attention during a break in class.  Almost instantly, I was emailed by Mark Ian from East Grand Records in Michigan. He was generous enough to send me the band's brand new two song 7 inch E.P. This is being released in cooperation of Pirates Press Records out of San Francisco.  I have to say, I was very impressed!  The Hex Bombs bring their flavor of punk rock and roll that is very much reminiscent of the Street Dogs, the early days of Dropkick Murphys, the Bouncing Souls, and even Cock Sparrer. 

The first track on side A, "None Shall Be Forgotten" features Mike McColgan of the Street Dogs himself.  This four minute and fourteen seconds anthem is an ode to those who serve their country and may not return.  It's a clear tribute to the everyday middle and working class average Joe or Jane who makes sacrifices for their family and country.  Lastly, its for the unsung heroes who do the jobs that nobody else wants to do and yet, make our society run!  This is a song for the common man and women!  I honestly feel this is a punk rock song that can be appealing to someone who may not be interested in punk rock all the time, but can appreciate it. 

On side B, the second track "Destination USA" is a gritty three punk chord street punk song. This song has a sociopolitical message to it and reminds me of some of the early singles by Boston's own, The Unseen.  If you look into current social issues of America, gun rights and religion seem to be in the top 3 and the band most definitely  taps into that.  The chorus goes, "Got my gun/Got my bible.  Semi-automatic/Church and the bible".  The two Gs that seem to come up in American culture is God and Guns and the band clearly taps into that.  It's nice to see a band who puts out an honest portrayal of what is going on around them politically and socially. 

The Hex Bombs are a band that will be doing great things in the coming future.  It's exciting to see the Pirate's Press Records have been signing new and diverse street punk bands with substance!  This is a band who will fit in well with the Pirate's Press and will be in good company with bands such as the Street Dogs, and Downtown Struts.  Keep the Hex Bombs on your radar because you won't regret it!

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