Saturday, April 5, 2014

Two shows in one day with the Murphys: Part II

After taking a little break at the bar with some food and such, I headed back into the House of Blues.  Aside from Skinny Lister and Lucero once again opening, a band called the 21st Century Fugitives opened up first.  I was still at the bar and as a result, I wound up missing them anyway.  After catching up with some out of town friends in the foundation room, I headed down to the floor to catch some of Lucero who did a pretty good job switching their setlist up from the previous shows. As a side note, I would certainly say that Saturday night had a real interesting feeling in the air that tonight's crowd would be nothing less than chaotic.  Then again, it was a Saturday night at a punk rock show right before St. Patrick's Day so the packed floor would soon go off when the Dropkick Murphy's hit the stage.

When 9:00 PM rolled around, the lights once again went down and the Foggy Dew came on over the sound system.  Right before they went on, I was having a debate with friends as to what song they would open with that night.  I was thinking For Boston, others were thinking Famous For Nothing, and then one of my buddies was pretty adamant about Boys Are Back.  When they walked out, the first thing you heard was the acoustic guitar for Boys Are Back as my friend was right.  From there, they quickly bursted into once again Never Forget and then right into Boston Asphalt from their second release, The Gang's All Here.  The first block of songs were relatively similar to Thursday nights set.  It didn't make the show overall boring because they added some nice surprises in the mix as well.  Throughout the weekend they played Famous For Nothing which was nice to see brought back again.   Another song that hasn't been played frequently as much either was their version of Finnegan's Wake, plus Upstarts & Broken Hearts, and Bastard's On Parade.  Some of those songs really gets the crowd amped up and the die hards very pleased as well.

Throughout the weekend, plenty of songs from their 2001 release, Sing Loud, Sing Proud were performed.  The union classic, Which Side Are You On? was played early on and followed by Tomorrow's Industry from their Meanest of Times album.  Of course, a Dropkick's show isn't a Dropkick's show without Barroom Hero and then a real gem was busted out which was Ramble and Roll.  Word on the street was that this was the first tour they played on with Ramble and Roll in the setlist.  The band also threw in some newer covers as well including 78 RPM by the Stiff Little Fingers.  More songs from the band's earlier career was also thrown in such as Forever, which was followed by The Warrior's Code.  

It was excellent to hear  Vices & Virtues which was followed by one of their oldest songs, Caps & Bottles.  The last three songs of the night included a couple of fan favorites, Out Of Our Heads as well as Shipping Up To Boston.  The band ended their main set with Taking Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive.  The encore started with Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced and went right into Skinhead On The MBTA where the rest of us stormed the stage.  It was nice to hear the boys cover something new for once which was Jumpin' Jack Flash by the legendary Rolling Stones.  I personally think that cover spun the crowd through a loop when they started playing it with all the confused faces.  The band exploded into and ended with Citizen C.I.A. and quickly exited the stage.  Overall, the show wasn't bad at all and was entertaining.  At the same time, it wasn't my favorite of the weekend either (that came along a couple nights later).  After a double header, I was exhausted in every way possible.  I couldn't wait either for what the next two nights would bring, as well.


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