Friday, February 7, 2014

A review of Bryan McPherson's "Live At The Milestone" (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Just yesterday, Bryan McPherson released his first solo live album entitled "Live At The Milestone" in Charlotte, North Carolina from his last United States tour with Tim Barry and Cory Branan.  This seven song record is an essential for any fan of Bryan McPherson or fuck it, for any fan of real good music.  Anybody who has been lucky enough to catch Bryan's live performance knows that his performance is full of energy, vigor, and honesty and this recorded set captures just that and then some!

Opening with "Dangerous Friends", its haunting yet energizing intro is a perfect opener for any show. Like any good and well sought out musician should, each of his songs tell a story. In this case, where he grew up and the things he experienced are thrown at the listener (or audience in this case).  Tune number two is the uprising and rousing, "Worker's Song" in which he exclaims, "I wrote this song at the end of a very bad day at work…" What I really appreciate about Bryan's stage presence and performance is his approach to less banter and more music which is fading I feel in music today.  The guy gets up there, and plays his heart out. What more can you ask?  Bryan McPherson walks it.

Photo by John LaCroix

One of the more longer songs that comes out excellent live is "No Creed, No Class, No Nation" which flows perfectly no matter what.  Most people might think, "Wow, what a short album" but when some of these songs clock in around five minutes, you get a lot more than what you bargained for.  Bryan's emphasis of quality over quantity shines through very well on this live album which makes him one of the best folk/punk musicians on the road today.  My personal favorite, "Lonely Streets" is added mid set, as well as the fast paced, "Poor Boy" which appeared on his debut full length, "Fourteen Stories".  The slower yet honest "Me, I Am Anger" is added in which is easily the standout track on the entire live album.  Finally, Bryan ended with "Black Man" (per request by a fan) which is a great closer and ends on a powerful and positive note that always leaves the crowd begging for more.

Overall, this album shows the quality, sound, and excitement Bryan McPherson possesses live.  As stated earlier, his mentality of quality over quantity simply puts Bryan out on the map as a top notch musician and performer that you do not want to miss.  If you like Bryan's work displayed here, go check out his other two releases, "Fourteen Stories" and "American Boy/American Girl" (listed below) and more importantly, check him out when he comes to your city/town.

Artist Info:
Bryan McPherson Facebook Page
Bryan McPherson Bandcamp Page (Buy Music Here!)
Bryan McPherson Official Website


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