Monday, September 12, 2011

Show Review #1-Dropkick Murphys with Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Street Dogs at Fenway Park

(Stage at Fenway Park)

Alright folks, I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything but I was afforded the oppurtunity to go to both nights of the Fenway shows with DKM, the Bosstones and Street Dogs due to the tickets being released before the shows/scalping.  Anyways, here is my review.

I get into Fenway right after doors are opened and I walk into the "bleacher theater" only to be amazed with the hard work and setup of the stage over the right field bull pen.  It was outstanding with the amount of time given (72 hours), and the rough weather conditions that this stage crew had pulled through on building this.  I get in about thirty minutes or so the Street Dogs go on.  I was in section 41, and row 32 which were pretty rad seats pretty much center stage. 

Right at  6pm, the Street Dogs intro music goes on, which is "Formation", (the first track off their latest album) and out they walk.  I must say, I was bummed because the stadium wasn't even half full for these guys.  Regardless though, it was pretty clear that the Street Dogs were excited for the chance to play their hometown's baseball park.  After their intro music faded, they exploded right into "Rattle and Roll", not even half way through the song, the Street Dogs Army (myself included), had rushed the barracade and we stayed up front for their entire set.

(Street Dogs, Fenway Park, Night 1)

(Mike McColgan, Fenway Park)

 They played a few newer songs off their lated self titled record, such as "Punk Rock and Roll" and combined some older tunes but anthems, such as "Not Without A Purpose, Not Without A Fight", "Tobe's Got A Drinking Problem" and "In Defense of Dorchester".  Included within their set, a classic cover by the Pogues, "Dirty Old Town", dedicating it to the one and only city of Boston.  Their set time was short and lasted roughly thirty minutes but it was one of the most energetic thirty minutes I had experienced in a long time I felt.  The band ended with set closer, "Fighter" and in the break down, started covering the legendary "Guns Of Brixton" by the Clash and came back into "Fighter" and closed their set with a great crowd response.  For those who are interested, the Street Dogs will be doing their annual Wreck The Halls at the Paradise in Boston on December 16th and December 17th.  Tickets are on sale now. 

Up next were Boston ska/punk/hardcore kings, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  Once again, right on time at 7:10, their intro music came on (title unknown) that was clearly a funk song. Finally, an explosion was sounded and their banner was pulled down and out walked the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  They opened their set with "Old School Off The Bright" and as the intro of the song stops, out comes the man himself, Dicky Barrett and announced: "We are the Mighty Mighty Bosstones from Boston, Massachusetts!  Are you ready?!" and sings the rest of the opening song.  The eight peice band rattled off the first few songs, "Rascal King", and "Kinder Words".  After taking a quick breather, the fellas played "Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah", the popular jingle, "Someday I Suppose" and what I find one of their more underappreciated tracks, "Let Me Be" off of their album ,"Pay Attention".   What I find with their "Pay Attention" album is that I its completely underrated then what most compare it to, it is easily one of my favorites. Off of that album, they played "All Things Considered" which is a catchy tune as well.  My favorite part of the set, was when Dicky had stopped to recognize some of the glory of Fenway Park.  He told the crowd about having some of his experiences as a kid in the bleachers we were sitting in.  I think the most powerful part was when he asked us if we wanted to see home plate and he said "Pull that bullshit down!" (referring to the bands backdrop) and there was homeplate and the rest of  Fenway Park right behind the stage.  It was an awesome moment that not a lot get to have.  They ended their set with the hit, "The Impression That I Get" and right into "Holy Smoke".  I have been greatful to see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones in different venues over the last four years or so, but seeing them at Fenway Park could easily be the most memorable. 

Here is the Mighty Mighty Bosstone setlist from Night 1 (Thank's Jess/Tall Kid): 

Finally, at 9 PM on the dot, the lights went pitch black at Fenway Park and "the Foggy Dew", the Dropkick Murphys intro song came on over the P.A.  and within minutes the band hit the stage.  Opening song, "Hang 'Em High" had the entire place moving and everybody out of their seats with the thundering drum beats.  When the song kicked in and they started singing, a black curtain was pulled down with the classic DKM skeleton in front of the green monster with the bands logo on it which totally created for the occasion .  They stormed right into "Captain Kelly's Kitchen" and into "Gang's All Here".  There were a few highlights throughout the set that made me a proud fan of the Dropkick Murphys.  One, that they pay their respects to the 9/11 victims and their families effected by the tragedy.  After all, some of the ticket proceeds when to the Massachusetts 9/11 Fund and both nights a family who lost a family member was welcomed out on stage and given a check from the proceeds.  Ken then asked of the crowd to have a moment of silence and said that we were the "Classiest fans in the world!" which I concur with.  Secondly, later in the set, they busted out "Barroom Hero", After Al Barr sings the first verse and chorus, the legendary Mike McColgan (of Street Dogs) comes out and sings the rest of the song.  Within the middle of the set, the Murphys brought out some stools and their acoustic guitars and played a mini acoustic set in between them being plugged in.  Songs included, "Echoes on "A" Street", "Devils Brigade", "Boys On The Docks", and "Take 'Em Down". 

The ever so popular, "Dirty Glass" was performed with one of the Parkington Sisters who were playing on the side stage earlier in the night.  Other songs that were added in the set was the obvious, "Tessie" because of Fenway Park.  The main set ended with "Shipping Up To Boston" and after that I had left to leave before the mob so I could catch a cab.  When I had left the bleacher area, I heard loud roars and I decided to walk back in to see which song they were going to play.  I walked up and the first thing I see in front of me was the Stanley Cup in front of Ken Casey.  You can now guess what the first song of the encore is, "Time To Go".  Though I am not a huge sports fan, I thought it was a great thing to have out there.  I left after they started playing the song and drove away in a cab to them playing "Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced" and I heard that was the last song of the night.  All in all, great show and I was pumped to go again the next night (even though I had no tickets), I got some anyway!  Night two coming soon.