Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Brand new EP by the Warning Shots!

Over the last few months, Mark Lind has been performing with a new project of his called "The Warning Shots".   The five man group consists of Mark Lind, Jason Messina , Nick Repassy, Rich Crimlisk (Morgan Knockers) and their bass player, Dilo.  The five man group delivers a fresh brand of straight up, no frills punk rock and roll.  Being a fan of everything that Mark has done and his projects, plus the Morgan Knockers, I was anticipating something great. Needless to say, after watching them perform over the summer, I most definitely got something great.

Over the weekend, the band released a pre-order and digital format of their first EP titled "Six To Midnight" which is four tracks and are refreshing for the avid punk rock listener.  The first track titled, "No Holidays" is a perfect opener with a blistering and catchy guitar riff hammered out by Rich Crimlisk and Jason Messina's well known drumming.  Mark Lind on this project is vocals and vocals only which is exciting to see him perform in that respect because he is usually with a guitar or bass with his other projects. I look forward to see how well he is keep on improving as a musician as taking the role of a front man.  The first track is easily a perfect opener to the four song debut and is a perfect raise your fist and sing along type many will latch on to.

The next track, "Terminally Insane" starts out with a clean guitar tone and kicks into full gear after a build up.  What I appreciate about this track is diverse range in vocals and musicianship.  This song  is very introspective and  makes me think the writer is searching for what lead them to where they are today.  What I always enjoyed about Mark's song writing is how human and how he is able to relate to the average human with choices in life.  That is what this song gives us.

Track number three, "It Took Awhile" is another catchy number.  The way I see it, it tackles a down trodden friendship or relationship with the chorus, "It took awhile but I see right through you" and with a line in the first verse, "Ain't it funny how it all works out, ain't it funny what its all about.  I can tell you how it all will end, But I can't tell you why I dared call you a friend..." which reminds the listener of any carbon copy or half ass friendship or person they have encountered in life.  We have all been there- the friendship or relationship that turned sour once you see an individual's true colors.

 Lind takes no prisoners in his songs and that is what I appreciate about him as a song writer and musician.  He has written plenty of songs about his experiences or human condition (so we all relate to it somehow) but manages to put different twists and turns in and never fails to do so.  In my eyes, that makes a successful song writer.  From the very start, I knew there was something great about the Warning Shots. There are different ranges of talent and musicianship in this band which is vital for new band coming out today.  Lastly, track number four, "Gotta Get Away" has a catchy rhythm guitar part to it and is an overall upbeat song.  The chorus is a perfect sing along and like the rest of the songs, are easy to learn and hold on to.  I feel the title, "Gotta get away" is a great way to end the EP and it leaves the listener asking for more.  I genuinely look forward to what future has in store for the Warning Shots.  Mark Lind always has a new and interesting project going and is not like the last.  That is born talent, everyone! 

Upcoming Shows:

December 20th, 2013
Radio Downstairs
21 and Over
The Warning Shots
Spectre Hawk
The Woods
Hudson Falcons

Event info here: Hudson Faclons, Warning Shots, The Woods, Spectre Hawk

Artist Info:
Stateline Records

Their EP can be purchased at the above link!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Upcoming shows this week! Keep an eye out!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to plug out some upcoming shows this weekend that will be a great time!

Starting tomorrow night:

November 21st, 2013
Church of Boston - 69 Kilmarnock Street
The Mahones (From Canada - Irish Punk rock and Roll with a dash of Folk!)
The Scrapes (Boston Rock n' Roll)
The Pourmen (Boston Irish Pub Rock)

The Scrapes and The Pourmen supporting the show.

21+ w/ID
Doors: 8PM

 RSVP Here

Run Don't Walk/Berkshire Brewing Company Presents:

November 23rd, 2013
Midway Cafe- 3496 Washington St - Jamaica Plain, MA
Losers Circle  (Boston Pop Punk)
Short Handed Goal (RI Ska and Punk)
Drunk Nuns (Boston Punk Rock)
A Minor Revolution (NH Ska and Punk)
the Blue Bloods (Boston Street Punk)

Doors: 3:30
Show: 4PM - 8PM
$10.00 Bucks!

RSVP Here!

Then stick around for:

November 23rd, 2013
Midway Cafe- 3496 Washington St - Jamaica Plain, MA
Matt Charette (Boston Pub Rock)
The Scars (Boston Punk Rock and Roll)
The Scandals (New Jersey Punk Rock)
Burning Streets (Boston Punk)
OC45 (Vinyl/EP Release and Homecoming Show!)

21 and Over (Sorry Kids!)
$8.00 Bucks!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Update and another thing!

Hey readers,

I figured I would give you an update on what has been going on and that is, not much.  Ha.  I apologize for our avid readers for the delay in reviews, interviews, etc. I have been busy with other aspects of life and I promise this week to get back on it as I need to write and send some questions up to some people!  I also will try and work on uploading the audio portion of the Mike McColgan interview I did a few weeks ago.  That's another project I will focus on, as well! 

On another note, after realizing how much of a scam that Ebay is with their stupid useless user fees, I have opened up a free big cartel store.  As of right now, I am just selling random t-shirts that I have grown (got too fat for) out of and am willing to part with for a few bucks.  If you are into Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, feel free to head on over to the Run Dont Walk store and see what I have up.  If anybody has any questions, you can email me at or you can get at me through Facebook. 

Some goals of mine I have in the long term scheme of things are to create actual Run Don't Walk merchandise for promotion purposes.  T-Shirts, stickers, pins, and just simple things like that to spread the word.  If anybody shows any interest in this crazy idea or know how to make this happen, let me know.  I am willing to toss ideas around.  Another idea is to create some kind of header for my blog page here and Facebook page so it is more official. 

Anyhow, I will try to get back to speed up with interviews, reviews, and other reader worthy material.  Thanks for reading and keep on spreading the word!

-Nick Gold