Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Review of the Drunk Nuns, "A Parting Shot" (EP)

After a fun filled week, I am back to share the Drunk Nuns new EP, "A Parting Shot".  This EP is five brand new songs that are have mixed influences between Green Day, the Ramones, and many more.  It may be simple but its still catchy, fun, and easy to latch on to.  The brilliant thing about the Drunk Nuns is their simplicity and the fact they don't take themselves too seriously, either.  This disc features five songs and three of which were done in the studio and the last two were done live. The band has displayed a significant amount of improvement musically and vocally which makes them catchier than ever.

Track one "A Parting Shot" is really the catchiest track and a personal favorite.  It opens up fast and with a bang that the band doesn't waste a whole lot of time with an intro.  Joe Barron's vocals come through with the immediate line, "I would rather be alone, than hear you bitch and moan" which is a clear reminder of those we distaste.  If there is one thing I have appreciated about Joe's writing is that he takes no prisoner's and is honest about the people, places, or things he writes about.  Sometimes being honest doesn't come naturally to song writers, but Barron often puts that to the test and succeeds. The second track, "Future Is King" is by a band called The Hookerclops whom I have never heard of before.  Its a fast and simple punk rock song that clocks in around a minute and a half.  The cover is followed by a tune listed as "F-Town" (otherwise known as "Fuck Town").  If you really want to know the definition of that, I am sure Urban Dictionary is your best friend because this page isn't that kind of page!  Anyhow, the song provides a more smooth or melodic yet upbeat feel.  It's certainly a different taste from the first two tracks yet fits well.  The Drunk Nuns do a hell of a job mixing the sweet punk rock sounds up to make them an interesting band that the listener will be entertained by.

The last two tracks are live tracks.  An upbeat jingle, "Let It Go" made the cut where at the beginning Joe dedicated it to "Anybody who is going to party their ass off tonight and tomorrow!".  It was followed by a prolonged intro and a fast bass line where the song kicks in.  "Let It Go" is simply a three minute jam that got the crowd fired up.  The last track, "POF" (Plenty Of Fish") is about a girl Andrew (guitarist) met online and the story is left up to the listener to figure out!  Easily one of the other catchier tracks on the EP as well.  Overall, I really enjoy the music that Drunk Nuns have been pumping out left and right.  The band takes the music scene by the balls and makes it work for them.  They aren't just another cookie cutter punk rock band because they simply do what works for them.  Keep an eye on the Drunk Nuns to see where they will be playing next in a basement/bar/hall/etc. near you!

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