Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dot Rats Review Part II

Back again with another review and with the Dot Rats, as well!  The boy's from Dorchester are back with four more in your face songs that will soon to be played live on April 4th at Middle East (more info below).  Dot Rat's, as I mentioned in my other review, truly stick to their guns and never let up but always exceed their limits.  Their brand of Boston Hardcore or should I say, Dorchester Hardcore takes on a new path once again that defies the standards of what hardcore really is.  They are one of a kind!

The first track. Brother's Keeper is clearly about the close knit ties one form's living in the community where they are from.  The Nowhere USA and now Dot Rat's legacy often comes from loyalty and a never surrender type of attitude no matter what the odds are.  That attitude comes through on this track. The follow up, Dot Rats Theme Song is simply just that with a whole lot of balls to it.  Starting in with a heavy, drop D intro (very similar style to Madball or Agnostic Front), the band kicks in.  The song essentially tells what the Dot Rats are all about as Anthony Snowdale sings, "If you need someone to drink all your beers, no need to worry the Dot Rats are here, and if you need someone to fuck your girlfriend, you don't need to worry because the Dot Rats are here!" The song draws influences from Sick Of It All, Minor Threat, and some street punk as well.  The band really mixes up the sounds to keep the listener tuned in!

The third boot stomping anthem, Diplomacy Has Failed is a forty second round house kick to the face meant for throwing punches.  I am sure all of us have come across "that person" in life which nobody what we say, they don't back up.  This song is about that person.  The last track, O.F.D. (Originally From Dorchester) ends with a bang.  One thing though I would like to emphasize on is the guitar work by Eric because this song has simply one of the best guitar solos around.  As I stated earlier, its nice that they are not afraid to go above and beyond and they did just that with the guitar work.  O.F.D. literally ends with a bang like none other and truly defines the band's sound, message, and who they are, Dot Rats!

Dot Rats Info:
Dot Rats Official Webpage
Dot Rats Band Camp
Dot Rats Facebook
Event Invite to Dot Rat release show- April 4th!


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